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4 Online Scams You Should Know About and Avoid in 2020

Remember when the Internet was a safe place? You could surf online and look at any website. All emails were legitimate and people weren't trying to trick you out of your money. Those days are long gone. Well, it's time for a reality check. It's a new year which means cybercriminals have invented new ways of trying to trick you out of your money. Young and old, we are all capable of becoming an easy target for malicious criminals who want to steal our personal data. What can you do to stay safe? Well, check out the latest tactics criminals will be using this year.

I should start by sharing that your technology devices are safe from being hacked. Most of the tactics used by cybercriminals require user interaction. When you hear of companies falling victim to ransomware attacks, smart home devices getting compromised, it's because people weren't taking steps to protect themselves. If you don't want your devices and accounts getting hacked, use strong passwords and don't give out your information. Here are the list of scams to avoid.

1. Email Attachment Scam