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4 New Hacking Tactics You Need To Know About

If you or your business is connected to the Internet, it's only a matter of time before you end up on the hit list of cyber criminals. Why? Data is king in this digital age. Information like passwords, email addresses, home address, and financial information is attractive to cyber criminals. With this information, criminals can sell it to the highest bidder on the dark web. Cyber crime is forever evolving. This year, not only will you have to watch out for large scale cyber attacks that target the companies that hold your data, you will also need to be on the lookout for cyber attacks from less tech savvy individuals looking to make a quick buck, and cyber crime that directed to you personally. What can you do to keep yourself safe from this new rage of attacks? Follow these tips.

1. Rose Phishing. One of the most common ways of hacking a personal or business computer is phishing emails. In case you don't know, 'phishing' is the art of tricking an email recipient into giving up information from a fake email posing as a legitimate email. The most common phishing emails are fake invoices, emails that look like the come from large companies or even your friends that will trick you into giving up your personal information or clicking on a link that takes you to a web site that will break into your computer or device. Now with many large data leaks and the information contained in your social media accounts, hackers can now create phishing emails that are designed just for you. Let's say you go on a business or personal trip and post that information on social media. A criminal can create an email stating that is a problem with your flight or they could create one saying you left items at the hotel you were staying. It would be very tempting for you to click on that link.