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3 Ways 5G Wireless Technology Will Make Life Easier for Homes and Businesses

When it comes to technology, it's always moving at a lightning pace so it should come to no surprise that we are entering the next phase of the internet and wireless technology. 5G, or fifth generation, is the latest technology which promises faster speeds. When your mobile devices are connected to a 5G connection, your mobile connection will work as fast as your home Wi-Fi. This is great news as more and more of us depend on our mobile devices to stay connected to the office and our homes. I like my 4G connection, but there are times when I wish I could download a video quicker or be able to instantly look at our Ring ( doorbell when an alert pops up on my smart phone. So why should you be excited about 5G? Well, let me share with you some of the ways it will make your life easier.

What is 5G technology? As I stated before, 5G is the fifth generation in wireless technology. 4G technology works pretty fast for the most part, but think about all of the times you stream video from your smart devices, play games, or even check email and there is a slow down or a lag. Well 5G promises to change all of that by making the data we send and receive from our smart devices being transmitted faster than a blink of an eye. Also, as more and more of us connect our gadgets and smart home devices to the internet, we will need an infrastructure that can accommodate all that traffic. That's what 5G is for. How will that impact your life? Here's how: