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6 Steps to Stop Your Smartphone From Tracking Your Location

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

You may not know this, but you are being tracked on your smartphone. Maybe you do, but I don't think you understand the extent that it's happening. Everything you do is being analyzed. Yes, those apps you use, your text messages and even your phone calls are recording your day-to-day habits. Why are we being tracked? It's pretty simple. Large and small companies have come to realize that interest-based advertising is big business. This form of advertising is so successful because it allows advertisers to get up and personal with you. From the information gathered from your smartphone about your daily habits and interests, advertisers can target ads that are of interest to you. What can you do to keep your habits out of the prying eyes of Big Brother? Well, you can't completely stop the prying unless you completely get rid of your smartphone and other devices, but here are some tips to reduce the amount of snooping that occurs.