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How to Hacker-Proof Your Life & Stay Safe Online

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

With all of the recent ransomeware, phising scams, and data breaches in recent months, I know most of you feel like it's an impossible task to keep your information private and out of the hands of cyber-criminals. Google and Facebook are spying on your and sharing your information. Big companies are failing to protect you from cyber-crime. Is it time that you abandon your digital life? It's true that large companies have become targets to data thieves, but you don't have to disappear off the grid to keep your data safe. So what can you do? Follow these steps if you want to lock down your information and increase your online safety.

1. Passwords are your best defense. I can never stress the importance of creating and using strong passwords for all of your online accounts. For many of you, a password is the online thing between keep you safe from a cyber-criminal. Yes, passwords are a pain in the butt, here are some rules you should follow when creating and using them.