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Watch Out for 'Brushing' Scams This Holiday Season and Beyond

It's never happened to me, but I often hear stories from people who have ordered packages online and get the surprise of their life when they come home to a box sitting on their front porch. Imagine the shock (and thrill) when you come home to a package sitting in front of your house when you haven't ordered anything online. It used to be a case of FedEx or UPS accidentally leaving your neighbors package on your porch, but now that unknown package could be part of a new scam called 'Brushing'. If you start to get packages from Amazon and you didn't order them, read on to see how you can stop this scam.

It's always fun getting free stuff, but the bad thing about the 'brushing' scam is it means cyber-criminals have access to some of your personal information. As far as the scam, this is how it works: