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6 Ways to Hack-Proof Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become the preferred tech device for most people. With the rise of the popularity of smartphones, hackers have turned their attention away from breaking into computers and are now focused on hijacking mobile devices and the accounts associated with them. Cybercriminals want access to your account to purchase additional equipment to be sold and are targeting your emails, photographs and banking information to commit a variety of crimes such as fraud, blackmail, and theft. How can you protect yourself? Take the following precautions.

1. Setup protection with your phone carrier. All phone carriers are aware of smartphone hacking and have taken steps to make sure that their customers are protected. Your phone carrier should request you to create a PIN for your account. Whenever you contact service provider to inquire about your account or to make changes to your account, your PIN is requested. If you think you do not have a PIN, call your provider and make sure you have one.

2. Beware of Phishing Attacks. Phishing Attacks are one of the more popular ways Phone hijacking can occur. Don't click on suspicious links in emails, especially if they look like they come from your mobile provider. These links take you to website that look that they are your mobile provider and ask for information criminals can use to get access t