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Have You Been Hacked? 5 Websites That Will Help Find Data Breaches And Keep You Safe

It's October which means it's National Cyber Security Awareness Month. One of the top things you need to beware of in the area of Cyber Security are data breaches. There are numerous data breaches occurring every month and it's hard to keep up. Stealing your information is big business for hackers because they can sell your information to the highest bidder on the dark web. Some of these breaches make national news, others slip by unannounced. The best way to find out if your security has been compromised is to check out data breach detection websites. These websites allow you to search through the latest data to see if any of your personal and sensitive information is at risk and in the hands of scammers and hackers. To help you out, I've picked out the 5 of best for you to use.

1. Breach Alarm. (