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5 Essential Tech Tips for Summer Travel With Your Smart Phone and Tablet

For most of you, summer is the best time to take a break, from the daily grind of work and school to relax, and unwind. It's also that time of the year when many of you will embark on a journey to visit distant friends and family and to visit the places that you have longed to see in person. Wherever you go, most of you will obviously take your favorite companion ... your smartphone or tablet. Before you take that trip to the lake, drive on winding roads on a day trip, or hop on a flight, make sure you remember these handy tips while traveling with your smartphone and tablet.

1. Backup. You should always make sure your mobile devices are backing up automatically. You never know when you might accidentally let your smartphone take a swim or if you leave your tablet on the roof of your car. Also, smart devices are still high theft items, so make sure a backup. If something happens to your technology while you are traveling it's much easier to recover your data when you return. Taking photos with your smartphone or tablet? Use Google Photos. It offers unlimited storage for those vacation photos and videos. As a bonus, cloud cloud-based backup systems like Google Drive or iCloud can provide access to files that you might want to access while traveling.

2. Keep Tabs On Your Devices.