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6 Gadgets That Will Help You Host Awesome Parties All Summer Long

Summer is almost in full swing and what better time to invite some friends over for BBQ or a Summer Soiree. Doesn't matter if a few friends or the whole neighborhood, hosting a party can be a chore and if you have friends like I do, they all want to show up, but no one wants to help out. Fear not, there is a gadget for every occasion including ones help you host a summer parties. Want to use technology for some party help and that 'wow' factor, here are some of my favorite summer gadgets that are guaranteed to make your event easier to prepare for and fun for your guests.

1. Weber iGrill Mini. I'm a good cook (at least my wife says I am) but in the frenzy of food prep and entertaining guest. sometimes my meat looks done on the outside, but is grossly undercooked on the inside. Weber is the only grill I'll own and they make the great iGrill meat thermometer that connects to your Android or iPhone via Bluetooth. Stick the meat probe in your meat and the results are sent to your smart device to let you know if your meat is cooked to perfection.