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6 Awesome Tech Gifts Any Grad Will Love

It doesn't matter if your grad is moving on from high school or college, there is no doubt they can use some awesome tech gifts that will make the next phase of their life much easier to transition to. Sure you could always get them cash or a new car, but why not pick something that can be both practical and cool. There are a lot of tech items out there, but I've taken the time to sort through all of the gadgets and find the best gifts for the grad in your life.

1. Instapot. The Instapot has to be one of my favorite tech items you can get for your grad because it makes meal preparation easy. The Instapot can be a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, cake maker, steamer and meal warmer. In this day and age of eating out, the Instapot will get your grad off to a good start of making their own meals and saving money by avoiding eating out.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet or MacBook Pro. Gone are the days of having a desktop computer ... unless you are a business. Most young adults want devices that are light and portable. If your grade is a Windows user, the best item you can get them is the Surface Pro Tablet. It's the tablet that works just like a Windows 10 computer. For your Mac loving grad, get them a MacBook Pro. Apple's flagship laptop computer is an always win allowing your grad to have a powerful laptop that will allow them to complete any task anywhere they can access power and wifi.

3. Amazon Echo or Google Home. Anyone who has a home or an apartment is going to want to have access to smart-home technology and the basis to a smart home revolve around having an Echo or Home. Both smart speakers offer the same services such as listening to music, getting the lastest news and weather reports and asking foolish questions. So which ever one you decide on will be a great foundation to the start of your grad's smart-home, because there are many home devices that pair with the Echo or Home.

4. iRobot's Rumba Vacuum. The Rumba vacuum has been around for a while, but iRobot now has a free app that will let you manually activate your Rumba from anywhere in the world and you can connect it to an Echo or Home so your grad can use their voice to start the Rumba. Hands free cleaning will be never so easy.

5. Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick and Google Chrome Cast. Sure you could rush out and get your grad a smart TV, but your grad isn't watching standard TV. Most of the programs they watch are coming from one of the popular streaming services. Sure a smart-TV has some of the streaming services built in, but Roku, Firestick and ChromeCast have all of the streaming services built in and new ones are being added all of the time. With the changing landscape of streaming TV, your grad always be ahead of the game with these devices.

6. Trond Wireless Bluetooth V4.2 Over-Ear Headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are pretty popular with younger people and one of the best sets out there is the Trond TD-BH01. Great for watching movies or playing video games these speakers won't break the bank and can be used via Bluetooth or wired, so your grad doesn't have to worry about battery life.

What special gifts are you getting for your grad this year? Leave a comment below.

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