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6 Awesome Tech Gifts Any Grad Will Love

It doesn't matter if your grad is moving on from high school or college, there is no doubt they can use some awesome tech gifts that will make the next phase of their life much easier to transition to. Sure you could always get them cash or a new car, but why not pick something that can be both practical and cool. There are a lot of tech items out there, but I've taken the time to sort through all of the gadgets and find the best gifts for the grad in your life.

1. Instapot. The Instapot has to be one of my favorite tech items you can get for your grad because it makes meal preparation easy. The Instapot can be a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, cake maker, steamer and meal warmer. In this day and age of eating out, the Instapot will get your grad off to a good start of making their own meals and saving money by avoiding eating out.

2. Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet or MacBook Pro. Gone are the days of having a desktop computer ... unless you are a business. Most young adults want devices that are light