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5 Important Steps for Safer Online Banking

Around 80 percent of households in the United States bank online and that makes banking accounts a target for cyber-criminals. There’s no method they won’t try to get your money. The most popular scams involve tricking you into giving up your information in the form of e-mail phishing scams and phones calls. Banks actually do a lot of things to make your online banking experience safe and secure because they have as much to lose if you get breached. What can you do to keep enjoying the benefits of online banking without falling victim of a scam? Use these tips to protect your accounts.

1. Setup your account for text and email alerts. Most banks will allow you to get text or email alerts whenever there are major changes to your account. When you enable these settings, you can contact your bank immediately if you notice any fraudulent activity.

2. Take a look at those bank statements.There are many ways to protect your online security. One is to upgrad