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6 Tips to Help You Recycle, Donate, or Re-purpose, Your Outdated Tech Devices

In today’s digital world, your brand-new device is practically obsolete before you finish removing it from the box. This practice of "planned obsolescence" is bad for both consumers and the environment. You can't just toss electronics in the trash. If tech devices aren't disposed of properly, toxins from their waste enter our soil and water supplies which can have adverse affects on our health. No one wants to hold on to all of their devices, but if you're struggling with letting go of your old tech, these tips should help.

People discard electronics at the drop of a hat and it's understandable. The economics of technology and gadgets encourages disposal of technology as opposed to repairing the broken device. Have you purchased ink for your printer lately? in many cases buying a new ink jet printer is cheaper than buying a set of new ink cartridges. The same goes for certain brands of smartphone and tablets. Why spend $200 to fix a $100 device. Unfortunately, planned obsolescence has broader and more serious consequences than many of us think about. Simply put, sending our old electronics to the landfill is not good for the environment. So wha