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5 Great Ways to Get The Most From Your Amazon Echo

Making it's debut in 2016, the Amazon Echo has quickly become one of the hottest gadgets around. If you have an Amazon Echo, Echo Spot, Dot, Tap, or Show, there are lots of things you can ask Alexa, the virtual assistant to do. This device has so many useful features, it's easy to overlook everything it can do. To help you get the most out of the Echo, I've put together a list of tips and suggestions that make sure you enjoy this awesome device to the fullest.

What's the big deal about the Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo connects to your home WiFi, which allows you to connect to the Internet to give you the information you want by vocal commands. The setup process is very simple making it easy for even the basic user to configure. Once you have your Echo setup, Alexa the personal assistant listens to your voice and responds to your requests either returning information found online or syncing with Amazon compatible devices that allow you to vocally control items in your home.