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How To Protect Yourself From The Top 6 Cyber Threats of 2018

2017 was a horrible year for cyber-crimes. There was the Equifax breach, the Wannacry Virus, and don't forget the endless stream of phishing scams that populate our Inboxs. Cyber-criminals make millions from their victims so unfortunately, internet crime isn't going away. Threats will be bigger and smarter this year. Education is one of the best ways to keep you safe from these threats. Here are five cyber crimes that I think you'll hear a lot about in 2018.

1. More Data Breaches. Think the Equifax breach was bad? Criminals will continue to set their sights on other companies that hold sensitive data. You could see hacks occurring with other companies that hold data such as birth dates and Social Security Numbers. This is the information hackers want in order to steal your identity.