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Your Trash Can Tip off Holiday Thieves: 6 Tips to Keep You Safe

Another Christmas has ended and all of your packages have been unwrapped. Now, it’s time to throw all the wrapping paper and boxes out. Before you leave that empty box your electronic goodies came in on the curb, keep in mind that you might be making a thief's job easier. That Nintendo Switch you got for your kids, the Amazon Echo that Santa brought you, even the awesome smartTV you bought for Dad — they're all items that are attractive to thieves. So what can you can you do to prevent your home from being a target? Follow these easy steps.

If you're like most people, your garbage is the last thing you think about when you think of the security of your home. For burglars, it's one of the first things they will look at. Growing up in a high crime neighborhood, my mother always taught me to be mindful of what things were thrown in the garbage. Boxes from new, expensive tech toys let criminals know that there are big-ticket items inside. Even worse, mail with sensitive information can provide criminals with your personal information they can use to steal your identity. Because there are at least 2,000,000 home burglaries per year in the United States, and identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in this country, take extra steps to secure your garbage.