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Is Apple Really Slowing Down Your iPhone? All Your Questions Answered!

There's been speculation for years that software and hardware manufactures purposely slow down old technology to get you to purchase new technology. Well, unfortunately that speculation has become true as Apple disclosed this week that they really do slow down their older devices. Their claim is they do it to allow consumers to continue to use older devices, but is this true? Keep reading and I will answer all of questions about this situation.

Why is Apple Slowing Down Old iPhones?

Starting with iOS 10.2.1, Apple began slowing down the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone SE. The reason Apple is slowing down iphone is the lithium battery installed in all iPhones. As newer versions of iOS are released, they require more processing power from your iphone and take a large strain on the Lithium battery. Lithium batteries have a short lifespan of about 500 charges or about 2 years. Apple's iOS software is designed to analyze your iphone to see if it's old or new. If iOS detects your phone is an older model, it will throttle your phone's performance. If Apple did not slow down yo