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6 Apps That Will Help You Get The Most of Out The Great American Eclipse

Are you excited about the Great American Eclipse? I know I am. I've never witnessed an eclipse and I'm thrilled the path of the eclipse is crossed my hometown. For the first time in 100 years, the track of the solar eclipse will stretch from Coast to Coast on Aug. 21. Unfortunately, not everyone will get to see the eclipse. With the help of some awesome apps, no one has to miss out on the eclipse. There are at least 50 apps out there to help with the eclipse, here are 6 of my favorites.

Smithsonian Eclipse 2017

This app offers an eclipse countdown measured by days, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds until the eclipse event. You also get a NASA eclipse live stream; the eclipse path across the United States; an interactive eclipse sky map; basic information about solar eclipses and a safety guide. NASA's Eyes Eclipse 2017. In this interactive, web-based 3D simulation,