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How to Protect Yourself from Credential Stuffing Cyber Attacks

Cybercriminals have a 'never die' attitude when it comes to getting your information and money which means there will always be new threats on the horizon that you should worry about. Credential Stuffing is affecting consumers and businesses alike and I'm sure you're wondering just what the heck that is. Well, credential stuffing occurs when cyber criminals obtain your online credentials that have leaked onto the dark web. Then they use automated bots to 'stuff' your credentials into the login pages on multiple websites to unlock your online accounts. Years of data breaches and the average person using week passwords has provided a way for criminals to easily get access to your online accounts. How can you keep safe?  Check out these tips:

1. Don't use the same passwords on your online accounts. Cybercriminals know that people use the same passwords for all of their online accounts and are slow to change passwords which is why if they get the password for one account, they will use it on all of your web accounts including sensitive ones like your bank and other financial accounts.  If you have different passwords for your online accounts this means if criminals get access to one account, it means they won't get to the rest of your online accounts.