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How to Manage Your Online Streaming Services Without Losing Your Mind

Streaming services are starting to win the battle for your viewing and listening time. Many of you have cut the cord by canceling your cable TV services and now are watching content on Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others. Even enjoying your favorite movies, shows, and music on DVDs, VHS, and CDs is a thing of the past. Most of you know how to connect your devices to your favorite streaming service ... but there's some of you that struggle with this just like you struggled to connect your VHS, DVD, or Blue Ray player to your TV.  Fear not, I'm here to help you end the struggle of getting connected to and managing your favorite streaming services. 

Before you cancel cable and set up a streaming service, do some investigating to find out if streaming is for you and which service will work for you. If you are a casual TV viewer, cutting the cord and moving to a streaming service will be an easy task. If you want to stay up to date with your favorite shows and love watching a variety of sporting events, you will have to cover all of your bases (no pun intended) before you take the plunge (pun intended). Same thing with music. If you're a casual listening, it's pretty easy ... but if you love your CDs and vinyl records and need to keep up with specific artists, take your time.