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6 Gadgets to Help You Host a High-Tech Summer Party

It's officially summer. Time to fire up that grill, open the pool and get ready to party! Every Summer, there's always so much to celebrate and with the longer daylight hours, that means you and your family have many opportunities to entertain outdoors. Technology is great as it allows us . In fact, you may plan to host a few yourself. We are living in the digital age and it’s time for you to make your summer parties high-tech. I've rounded up a list of some of the most awesome gadgets to make your hot Summer party a little cooler. I guarantee all of these items are sure to make your guests say "Wow!

1.Husqvarna Automower. A lot of the time spent getting ready for a summer party is making sure your house and yard is presentable. Well, no need to worry about mowing your lawn before your summer party. The Husqvarna Automower will continuously mow your lawn so you can focus on other aspects of your home to prepare for your summer parties. It can be controlled by your smartphone so you can set a regular schedule, or you can show off this toy to your party guest with the quick click on the app.

2.Philips HUE Smart Lights. Philips has a full line of smart lights for the interior or exterior of your home. They have smart light bulbs which will install in any fixture. They have outdoor path lights and even Shape lights that will form to any shape allowing you enhance any space inside or outside. The HUE lighting system hooks to Google Home and Amazon Echo to allow you to add while and color ambiance to your summer surroundings. Choose from millions of colors and you can even coordinate your lights to sync with the music.

3.Epson Home Cinema 2150. With the invention of projectors, summer outdoor movies have become all the craze. Become the talk of the neighborhood and your friends with the Epson Home Cinema. This wireless projector will allow you to stream outdoor movies directly from your phone, Roku, Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast. Built in speakers mean that you have everything to you need to turn your backyard into a drive in.

4.Soundcast VG5 BlueTooth Loundspeaker. Music is an important part of summer parties. Get the party started with this bluetooth speaker with a subwoofer. Weatherproof means that it can withstand the elements if rain dampens your summer party. Bluetooth means you can stream music from any bluetooth capable device.

5. Hercules DJ Control Inpulse 200. Have you always wanted to DJ your own Summer party, Now is your chance. The Inpulse hooks to a Windows or Apple laptop and lets you become the DJ creating your own party mixes to spin out to the attendees of your party.

6. Amazon Echo Show. The Echo with display is an awesome smart speaker that has a 10 inch screen and a wealth of goodies to offer your party guests such as streaming music, games and activities to liven up your party.

Summer parties are a mix of delicious food, awesome food and good company. Whether you're hosting the first BBQ of the season or a weekly gathering, consider adding these cool tech items which will keep your friends and family coming back for more all summer long.

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Oct 18, 2021

Yeah, these tech gadgets are really useful for parties, they can make parties more amazing and enjoyable. If you have good laptops then these devices can be more useful and if you want to buy a new laptop you can sell old laptops and you will get money for old laptops, so sell your laptops at good rates.


Nov 08, 2020

These six gadgets are very important in case of hosting parties they prove themselves very functional. A gadget is a mechanical or electronic device that has a practical use but Visit our website is often thought of as a novelty. Given this definition, I think that Ronco’s inside-the-eggshell egg scrambler or Radio Shack’s solar cigarette lighter would qualify.

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