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5 Brilliant Ways Technology Can Make Meal Time a Breeze

Preparing meals is one of the challenges we face in our household. With my wife and I having a busy schedule as entrepreneurs, it's a juggling act to make sure that we have meals that are easy to prepare and healthy for ourselves and our boys. At the end of the day, the last thing either of us wants to do is stand in the line at the grocery store or drive-thru to get a meal on the table for dinner. Thank goodness we live in the digital age and there are devices and apps that can make ordering or preparing a meal a breeze. If you struggle with meal planning or getting quick, healthy meals you might want to check out some of this cool tech.

1. Take Advantage Of Your Smart Home Digital Assistants. Did you know you can order food with Amazon Alexa and Google Nest Home? It's not available everywhere, but it's worth checking out if your area allows you to order food from your smart home digital assistant. For Amazon devices, it's a simple matter of adding a 'skill' to your Amazon account. For Google devices, go to Google Assistant and enter your option of restaurants that you can order from. Now you can get meals delivered to you by simply saying "Alexa, order food" or "Ok Google"