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5 Awesome Tech Gadgets for Your Tailgate Parties

Fall is almost here which means It's time for football, soccer, and hockey. One of the most exciting things about fall sports tailgate parties. I prefer to be an armchair quarterback, but like most of you, I enjoy a good tailgate party. Almost everyone has the normal stuff that you need for tailgate parties such as folding lawn chairs, coolers for your beverages, and even corn-hole games with your favorite team's logo. But do you have those high tech gadgets that will make your tailgate party score? Well, join in the huddle and let me share with you some cool technology you can take to the next tailgate party.

1.Denon: Envaya Portable Speakers. Most outdoor Blue Tooth Speakers that pack a punch are usually big and bulky, which means you have to bring fewer items to your tailgate party. The Envaya Bluetooth speaker is small enough to fit in your pocket and has a high-quality sound which means everyone at your party will hear the pregame broadcast or the game with no problems. You can even pair the Evaya speaker with another one doubling your sound output.

2. MEATER Block. I'm sure you've been to a tailgate party where the host got too distracted by party guests and your food was burned beyond recognition. If you get the Meater Block, you