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How to Stay Safe While Banking and Investing Online

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

It's not uncommon for my techs at Integral to see our customers using their computers and technology for banking, checking investments and monitoring their credit score. That's one of the great things about technology. It allows people to get access to financial information instantly. There are many people we encounter that won't embrace working with online banking and investment and with all of the data breaches in recent years, it's understandable more of you are cautious about working with financial information online. I think it's a good idea for everyone to setup a way to access financial data from apps and websites, so I'm sharing some much-needed tips to help you stay safe when banking and investing online.

Most financial institutions do an excellent job keeping your information safe. Banks and investment companies have teams of data security people that are there to keep the bad guys away from your money. If a hacker gets close to getting into their systems, they lock it down. These people are monitoring threats 360 days a year, so online banking, trading and investments are very secure. Still, make sure you're doing the following to stay safe.

1. Your passwords need to be like the Hulk. I think by now everyone knows the Hulk is the 'strongest one there is'. So should your pass