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How to Spring Clean Your Tech Devices

Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Spring has been here over a month and while you've probably been cleaning up your home while you've been practicing social distancing, you probably haven't taken the time to clean up your tech devices. If you haven't, shame on you. You know you would probably go hang yourself in the basement if something happened to your computer, smartphone or tablet. Your tech is a delicate device and you need to treat it as such. So please, take a moment to perform some deep cleaning and organization on your devices. Need some help? Here are some steps you need to take:

1. Secure Those Devices. Springtime is the right time to make sure your devices are secure. Take a moment to change all of those account passwords, confirm your anti-virus software is up to date on your devices. With Windows computers, only use Windows Defender. If you have any other programs running on your computer such as Malwarebytes, Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, remove them. Windows Defender is all you need. Macintosh users can use Xprotect which is already built-in, so remove anything running. Smartphone users, just make you don't download any weird apps on your device and you can forget the anti-virus protection.

2. Declutter Those Devices. Don't believe the myth that too much stuff on your devices will slow them down. It is a good idea to remove old files, smart device apps, and computer programs for the sake of having a more streamlined device. Take a moment to organize those files, pictures, and videos. Don't forget about those emails. Most of us tend to use our email as a filing cabinet which is why our email gets so cluttered. Unless you're using Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail or Windows Mail, too much mail won't slow your device down. If you are, you need to clean out that email quarterly. Don't forget to empty your recycle bin and your t