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3 Steps To Disinfect Your Tech To Avoid The Coronavirus

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

We are in the midst of a flu pandemic and many experts predict it hasn't reached its peak.  Public health experts recommend you stick the basic steps to avoid this virus such as washing your hands, getting a flu shot, and disinfecting surfaces you touch on a regular basis. One of the most overlooked items to clean if your technology, especially smartphones. Smartphones are among the dirtiest items that you own. What's worse is our phones are often held up to our eyes, nose, and lips which are key places where the coronavirus infects your body. Want to decrease your chances of getting COVID19? Follow these simple steps to keep your phone and other gadgets clean.

The most common way that the coronavirus is spread is from person- to- person contact, as well as from dirty hands that come in contact with your face, eyes, nose, and mouth. These areas are points of entry for COVID19. Did you know the average person touches their face up to 16 times per hour? Even more disturbing is the coronavirus can live on surfaces for up to 96 hours. Now you can see why it's important to clean your smartphone, computer or laptop keyboard and mouse on a regular basis. Here's what you can do to clean those devices:

1. Use cleaning products designed for technology. You don't want to use harsh cleaning chemicals on your devices like those found in Clorox bleach wipes. Remember, your smart devices and computers are delicate gadgets. While it's tempting to use anti-bacterial bleach wipes or sprays on your computers, keyboard, and smart devices, you want to avoid them. The abrasive chemicals and can leave scratches on your screens and can wear down the protective coating on your devices. My suggestion is to use Pure and Clean Surface Cleaner ( This eco-friendly cleaning solution is safe to use on all your tech devices without exposing yourself and your devices to the harsh chemicals that are in other cleaning products. If you didn't want to splurge for Pure and Clean, you can make your own homemade surface cleaning with 50% water and 50% of 70% Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol. When disinfecting the surface of your keyboard, smartphone or tablet, let the cleaning solutions sit on your devices for no less than 4 minutes to kill the germs and bacteria and always use a microfiber cloth. Never use paper towels or other standard cleaning cloths.

2. Get Some Tech that Will Clean Your Tech. If you want a high tech solution for sanitizing your phone, consider PhoneSoap ( Using UV (UltraViolet) light, this device will make your smartphone, small laptops and tablets germ-free and charge them all at the same time. It might be a little pricey, but PhoneSoap will also clean things such as keys, credit cards, and watches .. which is important because any solid surface can harbor the COVID19 virus. If you're unable to get Phone Soap, there are several other tech products that use UV light to disinfect your devices.

3. Get a Cover that Will Minimize Germs on your gadgets. Use a surface cover or case for your smartphone, laptop or tablet that has antimicrobial protection. One of the best products you can get is from Tech 21 ( These products promise to offer up 99.9% protection from the microbes on the surface of your device. You also get bonus protection from the case that will protect your gadgets from drops or falls.

Some more things to help avoid the Coronavirus:

1. Do not share smartphones, computers, and tablets with others. If you do, wash your hands before handling your device or use a hand sanitizer to kill germs.

2. Keep your smartphone out of the hands of your children. You take the risk of infecting your child and they can be a major factor for spreading the flu to you.

3. Consider using your phone 'hands-free' or use earbuds for phone conversations. The less you touch your phone, the better ... especially since we hold our phones to our faces, which can spread the coronavirus to us.

4. When going to the restroom (and other public places), keep your phone and your tablets in your pockets or purse. I don't the majority of us think about where we place our smart gadgets, but you need to cautious where you lay them down. If you do place them on an unknown surface, take the steps to disinfect them immediately.

We can't put a ban on our computers, smartphones, and tablets, even if they can be a breeding ground for viruses like the Coronavirus. It's time all of us take time to clean our devices more often, not just when there an epidemic illness. Like you should with your hands and body, take steps to clean and disinfect your tech on a regular basis.

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