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How To Help Protect Your Sensitive Data During Computer Repair and Tech Support

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

When you allow someone to repair your technology, you are granting them access to your passwords, email, pictures, financial records and anything else you save that you consider to be private and confidential. News that the FBI paid Geek Squad technicians to act as informants, rewarding them for flagging child porn for over the past 10 years is a reminder that your personal information doesn't stay private once you take it in to a shop. Most repair shops have a moral and legal obligation to report inappropriate images to the authorities if they are discovered during the course of a repair, but it's unusual to encourage a technician to go fishing for information for a financial reward. Technology fails and at some point, you will have to find someone to fix your tech. Want to keep you data safe? Here's some steps that can help.

1. Consider using On-Site or Remote Tech Support