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6 Free STEM apps to Help Your Kids Get Ready for Back to School

If you want to get your kids ready for the 21st century job market, you need to get them exposed to technology. Many of you purchase smartphones and tablets thinking the hours they spend playing Fortnite and Mindcraft are transforming them into technology experts. I spent a fair of my youth playing video games, but I mixed my time playing on my Atari, with writing programs on my Commodore 64. There's nothing wrong with letting your kids play games, but make sure they are spending equal time using apps that incorporate Science Technology, Enginneering and Math (STEM). There are so many STEM apps available for kids these days, which makes it hard to know which ones are worth downloading. Fear not! I've taken some time to look at some of the better STEM apps out there and the best part is they are free!

1. BrainPop. This group of educational websites has been around for a while and offers over 1,000 short animated tutorials for students in grades K-12. The online quizzes and other learning materials which include music, arts, technology, engineering, math and science makes this app and website the perfect tool to help your kid with all things STEM related. 2. iNaturalist. Pokemon Go! is a great app that allows you and your kids to get outside to collect Pokemon and discover outdoor locations. iNaturalist goes a step further with outdoor exploration and helps your kids identify real world wildlife and plants and record their findings. The app also has different real world