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7 Tips To Keep You Safe & Secure When Using Public Wi-Fi During Summer Vacation Season

The height of summer is here and this a reminder for all of you to protect your devices, data, and privacy while you're taking your summer trips. Now more than ever, you need to be extra careful about cyber security threats while away from home, especially when using public Wi-Fi. Cyber criminals recognize our desire to stay connected to the Internet and social media accounts and have created ways to get access to your personal data. Want to keep safe when you're travelling? Here are a few tips to help you keep your devices and sensitive data secure when you travel anywhere outside your trusted home network.

Cyber criminals know that people want to be able to save data on their cellular plan and look for free Wi-Fi networks to connect to. Hackers will hang out in public spots and set up open networks with Wi-Fi network names that look legitimate. The Hacker only needs only be within range of the Wi-Fi network to get access to your data. Sometimes they will go as far as setting u