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7 Useful Father's Day Tech Gifts for Under $100

Father's Day is almost here and you have a less than a week to pick out a gift for dear old dad. When picking out a gift this year, it's time to ditch those old fashion gifts like grilling sets, ties and coffee mugs. This year make it special and impress your dad with a Father's Day's gift that he will actually use. Tech gadgets are always trendy and make great gifts, but a lot of tech items are pricey. Fear not, there are some great gadgets that are useful and won't break the bank. Check out this list of awesome technology gifts that are $100 or less.

1. Ember Ceramic Mug. Coffee Mugs used to be the 'go to' gift for Father's Day and you can still keep up that tradition with the Ember Ceramic Mug. This battery-powered mug has a heater, complete with sensors and a microprocessor that work together to keep your Dad's coffee or tea at his desired temperature.

2. Amazon Echo Dot. Everyone's heard of the Amazon Echo, but have you heard of the Echo Dot? It's a smaller version of Amazon's hands-free, voice-controlled Echo. The Dot has a small built-in speaker, which isn't as robust as the Echo, but it offers the same features of the Echo such as connecting to the Alexa Voice Service to play music, provide information such as ne