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Cryptojacking Can Ruin Your Devices: 5 Easy Ways to Keep You Safe

Just when you thought you had your devices protected from viruses, ransomware and cyber criminals, a new security threat is infecting computers, smartphones and tablets. It's called cryptojacking. If you've noticed your devices are running slower after surfing the web, you might be a victim. Left unchecked, cyptojacking can slow your devices down and cause them to overheat which can permanently ruin them. Even if you aren't familiar with the terms cryptocurrency or cryptojacking,  you should know about them. The value and popularity of cryptocurrency puts you at risk of being a victim of this new legal form of cyber attack which is affecting Apple, Android, Windows and Macintosh devices. Here’s what you need to know in order to defend yourself.

In case you didn't know, Cryptocurrency is digital money you can use to make secure and anonymous online payments that don't involve a bank. All your purchases and transfers are locked , stored, and recorded in a ledger known as a blockchain and all its data securely encrypt