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8 Apps Everyone Needs to Have on Their Smartphone or Tablet.

I couldn’t live without my smartphone.  I mean I could and I do one day a week, but it has become a very important tool for running my business.  I know for many of you, your smart device is a must have item. I bet that even though you have a smart device with a lot of storage, there are only a few apps that you use.  I only keep the apps that I use on my devices, but I know there are many of you who have downloaded every app suggested to them but only stick to a select few. We all have our go to apps that help us in our daily lives, but if you want to get the most out of your phone and tablet, here are the apps I recommend you install today. Google Photos.  We all take pictures and shoot video with our phones and tablets,  but are you backing them up.  Thanks to Google photos, you can have piece of mind that your precious photos are being backed up … automatically. Good news for us all, but what’s even better is that you have unlimited storage for your favorite photo memories and videos.  You can also access them from any of your devices.  Running low on storage on your device, you can delete your photos and videos and they will stay on Google Photos. Google Maps. A Rand McNally atlas was thing to carry around for those moments you get lost, but not anymore.  With Google Maps, you’ll never get lost.  Need to get from point A to Point B, just get an address and Google Maps will take you there step by step.  Doesn’t matter if you’re driving a car, walking or cycling, Google Maps will get you there. MapMyFitness.  Good health is the best wealth you can have.  Take care of your most important asset and move.  Regardless of your activity, MapMyFitness keep track of it.  You can keep your workouts to yourself or share them with your fitness friends or post them to social media.  If you have music stored on your device, the app will allow you to play your favorite workout tunes. LastPass.  Passwords suck. Remembering a different password for all of your online accounts sucks more.  Thank goodness there’s LastPass.  This great app keeps track of all of those funky passwords you need for your only accounts.  Load the app on all of your devices, and it will automatically log you into important websites financial, email and social media. Your Bank’s App.  Keep up on your financial status by downloading the app provided by your bank.  Most banking apps allow you to check your balance, deposit checks and schedule payments for monthly bills.  If used correctly, your bank app can keep you financially fit and save you trips to your local branch. Spotify.  Spotify is the best music app, period.  Built your own playlist.  Listen to the playlist that Spotify has put together.  Whatever your choice, your music follows you whereever you go allowing you to listen to what you want, when you want. OpenTable. Looking for a great place to eat near you?  Use OpenTable to read restaurant reviews, make reservations online and earn points for free meals. 

Red Cross Series of Apps. These all inclusive apps allows you to monitor severe weather, get emergency alerts for all crisis situations including hurricanes, extreme heat and wildfires. The app also give you emergency first aid information from Red Cross Experts to adminstrator first aid to you loved ones and even your pets.

What are some of your favorite apps that you have on your devices? Drop me a line and let me know. 

 How else can you keep up with the latest tech tips and cyber security alerts? Subscribe to my YouTube channel ‘Burton Kelso’ There are hundreds of videos designed to help you get the most out of the technology you use in your home or business. Burton Kelso is the Chief Tech Expert at Integral. They offer tech support to homes and businesses all over the Kansas City Metro. He regularly appears as a guest tech correspondent on ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS on shows such as Kansas City Live, Better Kansas City, FOX 4 Morning Show, offering viewers easy tips on technology, Internet lifestyle, Internet security and gadgets. You can find Burton on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter and watch great tech tip videos on his YouTube channel. He can be reached at 888-256-0829 or email at  

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