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Cyber Criminals are Hijacking Mobile Phone Accounts: 4 Tips to Keep You Safe

Identity thieves and cyber criminals are always looking for new ways to take advantage of consumers and the latest scheme involves your mobile account.  It seems like every week there is a new headline about security breaches and company hacks, but let’s face it, hacking is a lucrative business which makes you a big target.  The problems is many of you don't realize that you are at risk for cyber attacks because many of you feel they you don't have anything worth stealing. 

When a hacker takes control of your mobile account, there are several things they can do to take advantage of you. They can buy new equipment like smartphones and tablets, which are billed to your account. Once they get your equipment, they turn around and sell them. With access to your account, hackers can add additional lines and use them, racking up large bills.  They can purchase wifi hotspots and sap your data package by using the hotspots for free Internet.  They can get access to important data such as banking account and credit card information which can be used to bleed your accounts dry.