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5 Top Streaming Video Services

My wife and I cut the cord several years ago. When we have time plop on the couch and watch TV, we stream. We rarely watch network television unless it's a sporting event.With the variety of online streaming services available, you can watch everything from live news, sports, classic movies, and your TV favorites on your own schedule and on any device. Which one should you and your family choose? Here's my favorite streaming services that are currently available.

1. Hulu ($8-12 a month): Within Hulu, there are two tiers: a limited commercial plan and one without commercials. Whichever path you choose, you'll get to see your current TV shows the next day. You can also pay an additional $9 a month to add Showtime to your Hulu account, letting you watch shows like Homeland.

2. Sling TV ($20 a month): With Sling TV, you can watch channels like CNN, HGTV, the Disney Channel, and ESPN at the set price of twenty dollars. For just an extra five dollars a month, you can add on extra packages like "Sports," which brings you ESPNU. Or, try the "Hollywood" extra plan and get TCM, Epix and others.<