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How to Buy Refurbished and Second Hand Gadgets

Buying computers and devices that are used or refurbished is a great way to save money on technology. I haven't purchased a new tablet, desktop, or laptop computer in over 10 years (smartphones are a different story). I know there are some of you who wouldn't think of purchasing second-hand tech as you see those purchases as being risky and that you should stick with only purchasing new technology. Paying for something new has its advantages, but if it's not in your budget you should really consider purchasing used gadgets. Here are some of my top tips to help you get the right products when you're looking for refurbished and secondhand technology.

There are several ways you can purchase older technology. You can find them listed on a sold by consumer websites such as Amazon ( Craigslist ( or Facebook Marketplace (, Gazelle ( or you can go directly to a computer manufacturer such as Apple (, Dell (, or Samsung (