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9 Incredibly Useful Websites You Wished You Knew About Before Now

To limit the spread of COVID19, local and national government has implemented social distancing, which is an effort to reduce contact between people to slow down the spread of the coronavirus. With many public places closing down and the bulk of us stuck in front of our computers and other smart devices, I'm sure most of you will naturally start to spend time on the Internet. As with human nature, we will gravitate to our favorite social media and streaming sites, but after a while, that will become boring. There are a lot of websites on the Internet ... a lot and I know most of you haven't explored half of them. Well, to help you explore new places on the web and boldly go where few have gone before, I'm sharing my list of useful websites you can visit ... while you're social distancing.

1. Find out where your favorite show or movie is playing online. You have a show or movie you want to watch, but you don't know which streaming service it's on. What makes it more difficult, streaming services are always changing what content is on their channels. With Just Watch (, you can easily locate where to watch what you're looking for. One of the best things about this site, is you can create a list of the titles you're interested in and get alerts when they appear on specific services or when new seasons start.