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7 Apps To Help You Get You Through The Holiday Season

Man, I love the holiday season. In my opinion, that old Andy Williams song 'It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year' describes the season the best. For some of you, however, all the parties, shopping, parties and holiday guests and travel, it can seem like a beautiful nightmare. If you're one of those folks who find the holiday season challenging and a struggle, there are some apps that can help remove some of the stress and frustration and make the holiday season more enjoyable.

1. Food Network In the Kitchen. Who doesn't like to make new yummy dishes during the holidays? There are a ton of apps that help you find new recipes, but none that are as interactive as the Food Network in the Kitchen app. For starters, it lets you search through a database of recipes from your favorite Food Network Chefs. You can also save recipes based on your favorite episode from your celebrity chief. Finally, you can take cooking video cooking classes with Food Network chefs.

2. Shopping Apps. In this day and age, most brick and mortar and online retailers have a shopping app to make shopping easier. Two of my favorite are:

Amazon. It's just hard to beat shopping at Amazon. They have everything! You can find popular holiday gifts as well as those hard to find items. Doesn't matter if you have an easy to please or hard to please loved one, you can always find the perfect gift on Amazon and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Target. This app does a great job because it keeps track of deals based on your shopping habits. Many stores, you have to look for coupons to get the best deals, but the Target app will alert you what deals are happening for Black Friday and throughout the Holiday season.

3: Pandora Holiday Stations. What's the holiday season without music? Well, whatever your taste, you can find a station just for you on Pandora. Pandora is great because you can take your music with you on the go and when it's time to host that party, you can stream Pandora throughout your house with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa devices.

4. Waze. Yes, your car has voice-enabled GPS, but Waze makes getting to Grandma's house so much fun. You can make those holiday routes more enjoyable because Waze offers up to the minute traffic alerts, known speed trap areas used by the popo (The Police) and you can choose from celebrity voices such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Hart.

5. Flight Tracker. If you have out-of-town guests flying in or you're flying out on a holiday destination, this incredible app lets you monitor the arrival and departure of your flights. It doesn't matter if it's domestic or international, you will have accurate flight information.

6: Happy Cow. Not everyone eats meat during the holidays and if you have guests in town or family members who are vegans or vegetarians, this app can help you search for restaurants in your area that offer vegan and vegetarian options.

7. Google Tasks. Need a way to keep track of all of those tasks you need to complete, download and use Google Tasks which will integrate with your Gmail and Google Calendar to make sure you keep up with all of those Holiday to-do lists.

The holidays are supposed to be a time where you can relax and enjoy much needed time with family and friends. If you struggle with slowing down during the holidays, maybe downloading and use these apps can help you breathe and decompress.

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