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6 Smart Ways to Clean Out Your Computer, Smartphone, and Tablet

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

There's no shortage of holidays to celebrate and yesterday was no exception. The 2nd Monday of February is 'National Clean Out Your Computer Day' and unlike some of these daily holidays that pop up, this one can do you and your technology some good. It's a good idea to perform some maintenance on your gadgets to help them last longer. Clean Out Your Computer Day gives you a jump start with tech Spring cleaning, so let me help you get started with cleaning up your tech by doing the following:

1. Backing up files. Don’t risk losing files photos and videos and end up paying big bucks to Integral for us to retrieve them. You have the option to automatically backup your Windows computer with File History and your Macintosh computer with Time Machine with an external hard drive. You can also automatically backup your stuff to the cloud using the services of Carbonite (, (, Google Backup and Sync (, OneDrive ( and Amazon Drive