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How To Keep People and Apps From Stealing Your Data

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

It's Data Privacy Day and what a good time to make sure your personal data is safe. Many of the devices you use are collecting your personal data. It could be your smart home hubs, your computer and even the social media sites that you visit. The disturbing thing is when we signed up to use these devices, we never agreed to give up our personal data. What's worse is large corporations do a poor job of protecting that data, which winds up on the hands of cybercriminals. Want to take control of your personal data? Follow these steps that will keep what you do online and in your home safe and secure.

1. Surf the Web Using Incognito Mode. When you visit web sites, there a good chance the site you're on is reading your cookies. Cookies are files that all web site put into your browser to make the web site you are visiting come up quicker. The downside of cookies is they can be used by other web sites to see where you've been and use that information to target ads to you. Stop that practice by going into the settings for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Opera and turn on 'In Private' or 'Incognito Mode' when you ena