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4 Awesome Apps That Let You Unplug and Relax From Technology

I love my smartphone and all my other connected devices. They are instrumental in keeping me connected with our customers at Integral through social media and email. However, I know that too much technology can be a bad thing. Tech giants have acknowledged that technology, especially smartphones and tablets are addictive. A recent report say most smartphone users touch their phones an average of 2,000 - 5,000 times a day. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and tech addiction has brought a focus on unplugging and disconnecting from tech. National Day of Unplugging is March 1 - 2 this year and the day encourages people to unplug for a day to develop a stronger relationship with friends and family. Having technology so incorporated in our lives, unplugging can be hard. It might seem silly using technology to unplug from your devices, but with the powerful hold our devices have on us, it makes sense. Here are 4 apps that will help you.

1. iOS Screen Time and Android Digital Wellbeing. Apple and Google have included into the latest versions of their operating systems tools that are designed to help people handle on how much time they spend with their phone. Both phones will give you a weekly report to let you know how much time you've been on your phone and the tools allow parents set limits on how much screen time their kids can have each day.

2. Space. Our minds get so plugged into our tech because we anticipate that instant gratification when we open an app. That's where Space