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Tech Companies Are Making Your Devices Hard to Repair. 3 Ways To Help Them Last Longer

It wasn't that many years ago, we lived in a world where our electronic gadgets would last, for a long time. If for some reason they broke, we could take them to a place where they could be easily repaired. In our current digital world, thinking that devices will last a long time is purely fantasy. The growing trend among most IT brands is to make our tablets, phones and other devices lighter, small and thinner. In doing so, engineers are creating devices that are more difficult, if not impossible, to repair. Wonder why your devices are so expensive to repair? Well, many of the factors I'm talking about play into this. I'm going to show you ways your favorite gadget developers are make your devices harder to fix and give you a few tips on working around these limitations.

Making devices harder to repair and making repairs expensive is how gadget manufacturers continue to generate profits. Yearly device roll-outs keep peop