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6 Things That Drain Your Smart Devices's Battery and How To Keep Them Charged Longer

Dealing with battery drain on your smartphone and tablet can be a real pain in the butt. Doesn't matter if you own Apple or Android, or how old your smart device is, many of you (me included) feel like you should just leave it plugged in all of the time. Yes, smartphones and tablets are supposed to be mobile devices, but with all that we do on them, it's easy to see why our devices are constantly showing a that annoying low battery alert. Sick of dealing with a low battery? Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make the battery on your smartphone and tablet last longer.

1. Low or Spotty Wifi or Cell Signal. When your devices struggle to get a good cellular signal or wifi signal, they have to work harder which means it needs to use up more battery life. The solution for a cell signal is to visit or download the open signal app for Apple and Android devices. The web site and app can let you know what areas have the best coverage from your cellular provider. When you enter areas will low coverage, put your device in airplane mode. If you have spotty cell signal at home, you can request a booster from your cell provider. Finally, if you experience low signal all of the time, you should switch cell providers. A solution for WiFi draining your battery is to leave this option off until you need to connect your device to wifi ... do the same for Bluetooth connections as well.

2. Screen Brightness. Your smart devices' display is the second-biggest threat to battery life. I'm sure you've heard that dimming the brightness of your devices screen will save battery life and it really works. Another tip is to reduce the time it takes for your display to automatically turn off. To manage these settings, go to the settings on your smart device and visit the Display or Display & Brightness menus in your settings app.

3. Extreme Hot or Cold Temperatures. The Lithium-ion batteries in your smart devices don’t like extreme temperatures and constantly keeping them in these environments will shorten your battery life. When possible, don't keep your devices in your vehicles durin extreme weather and keep your smart devices out of direct sunlight. Continued use in extreme temperatures, your smart device could stop working altogether.

4.Using the Wrong Charger. Another way you can extend the battery of your smart device is to make sure you use the official charger that came with your phone or tablet and invest in an exact replacement so you will have a backup if you lose the one you have. Aftermarket chargers can ruin your battery shortening it's life.

5. Volume. Louder audio draws more power from your smartphone and tablet's battery. Turn down the volume for more battery life.

6. Always Close Down Your Apps. Apps running in the background can drain your battery shut them downl! occasionally restarting your device helps close down those pesky apps. The less you have open, the better your smart device will work.

What do you do to keep your battery working and charged on your devices? Drop me a line and let me know.

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