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5 Ways Cyber-Criminals Can Get Your Passwords

Your passwords are the keys to unlock your entire digital life. Passwords protect everything from your credit cards, your bank account, emails, social media accounts and much more. You obviously need to protect them as much as you protect your valuable assets It's critical in this day and age to use sound practices to keep your sensitive personal information safe and secure. There are many ways hackers can get access to your passwords and it's important you know these techniques to keep yourself safe. Let's take a look at the most common ways criminals try to access your passwords.

1.Brute Force. One of the most common methods of stealing passwords is a brute-force attack. This happens when a cyber criminal manually or uses a computer program to rapidly run through every possible combination of your passwords until it's cracked. A long password is more secure than a short one. When you take the time to mix uppercase and lowercase characters, plus adding symbols and numbers, to your password, it helps make it harder to too. It's less common to see hackers use Brute Force to access passwords, but it's always a good idea to setup 2 factor authentication to keep your accounts safe.

2. Data Breaches. Data breaches occur when a company doesn't do a good job protecting it's customer's data. Many companies don't r