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5 Tech Tips To Make Your Home-Based & Small Business More Efficient

Running a home based or small business is no small feat. There are many things you have to keep up with. Accounting, marketing, employees, and customer satisfaction. When you toss technology in that mix, it can create the perfect storm. Technology is one of those great mysteries of the universe that everyone claims to know ... but no one can quite grasp. Are you looking to make your technology work for you rather than against you in your business? Well, you need to trust your friendly tech expert (that would be me) and follow these tips to help eliminate some of the technology headaches you experience in your business.

1. Backup. Backup. and Backup some more. Technology is going to fail at some point and you need to have a method to save your precious business data. Imagine your state of mind if you were to suddenly lose your records for your customers, accounting, appointments, and emails? You'd probably want to go hang yourself in the basement right? Well, if you backup your information, you'd have one less thing to worry about. When it comes to backup, you need to follow these rules: