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The 7 Best Tech Gifts to Buy Grandma and Grandpa on Grandparent's Day

Grandparents Day is almost here and what better way to celebrate than to getting the grandparents in your life an awesome tech gift. For seniors, getting the latest tech isn’t always exciting, in fact, it can be downright intimidating. When you’re looking for the perfect tech gift for an aging loved one, it's important to get a gift that are useful and easy to use. I've picked a list of tech that is sure to make any senior happy. These gadgets are sure to make grandparents lives a bit easier, fun and maybe encourage them to like technology more.

1.Logitech HD Pro C920. ( There are many varieties of smartphones on the market, but the Logitech HD C920 is one of the best. The Hi-Def camera will make sure your grandparents always have a clear picture and you can't beat the easy setup. Plug it into a USB slot, and it's ready to use. Paired with Skype, the Logitech C920 will allow your grandparents a way to stay in contact with you. 2. Jitterbug. ( Want the ultimate smartphone for seniors? The Jitterbug has got you covered. This phone comes with a large screen with an easy to user interface. You can use it for phone, text, taking photos, emai, surfing the internet and playing games. The Jitterbug mobile network has affordable plans for any budget and you get emergency help 24.7 and free US based tech support. 3.RoboTwist Electric Jar Opener ( The older you get, the harder it is to perform simple tasks such as opening jars. Checkout the Robotwist, an electric jar opener that promises to open any bottle or jar. As more seniors are wanting to age at home, this is an important tool that will allow them to do that. 4. Tile. ( . Did you know that the average person spends 60 hours a year looking for misplaced items? If your favorite senior has a problem misplacing items, get them a Tile. You can attach Tile to anything. Keys, purse, remote you name it. Just use your smartphone and the Tile app to locate missing items. Tile also works to find a lost smartphone. Squeeze the Tile and you can find your lost smartphone. Tile comes in a variety of items such as the Tile Mate, Tile Slim and Tile Sport. 5. Roku. ( Roku steaming devices are easy to setup with any TV. They come with a remote which makes it easy to switch channels. You have the option to select from free channels, subscription channels, cable channels, and rental channels.

6. PhoneSoap. ( Phones and other tech devices are the source for many germs. As you age, you become susceptible to bacteria and germs witch can cause colds and the germs. There are a variety of products to chose from to clean a smartphone or multiple smartphones and tablets. You can't wash smart-devices, but you can sanitize them.

If you have any questions about your technology and your devices, please feel free to contact us. Our friendly Tech Experts are always standing by to answer your questions and help you make your technology useful and fun.

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