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What is ChatGPT?

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a concept has been around since ancient times, but in our digital world, we are being to see more and more of conception of AI. Smart devices have invaded our lives in the form of smart home gadgets, as well as software-based tools like Grammarly. In the past few months, AI has become more evolved as ChatGPT was released by Open AI last fall. This tool allows you to ask questions using natural dialogue to which this chatbot gives answers in conversational mode. This chatbot can remember the course of your dialogue, using questions and answers you've already asked to formulate more responses as the conversation goes on. It can also pull answers and information from the wealth of resources on the Internet. Why is ChatGPT taking up the conversation on the Internet? Read on to find out why this system is raising so many eyebrows.

What's the big deal with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was released by OpenAI in November 2022 for the propose of showing what a very powerful AI system can do. Unlike many resources on the internet where you have to physically use search engines like Google or Bing, you can go to ChatGPT ask it countless questions which will usually deliver useful information.

For example, you can ask it questions that you would look up on Google or on an old school encyclopedia. You can ask questions like "Why is the sky blue during the day' or something more complex like 'Explain Enstien's formula E=MC2 in everyday terms' You can ask it "Write me a poe