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Is It Worth Buying The Extended Warranty for Your Home and Office Tech?

It seems whenever you make a computer or computer-related tech gadget, the salesperson always asks if you want to get an extended warranty. If it requires power, you always have the option to get a replacement or extended warranty. In this digital age we live in, the functionality of your tech items is a life or death scenario so makes sense to get a warranty for all your tech products and other electronic gadgets, right? Unfortunately, the answer isn't as cut and dry as you would think. Before purchasing your next extended warranty, check out these quick tips to help you decide if getting extra coverage is right for you.

Most tech devices come automatically with a 1-year warranty that covers manufactures defects. Your tech toys are delicate items and aren't perfect. I've seen devices fail only after a few days, so don't be shocked if you wind up with a device that's a lemon from time to time. Things like accidental drops and liquid spills aren't covered by the manufacture. The same thing occurs if you experience a damaging power surge to your devices. If you are going to purchase an extended warranty, you need to get one direct from the manufacturer if possible rather than from your national big-box chain. Also, keep in mind that the manufacture warranty doesn't cover virus attacks, user error, or just general tech support for your products. Here are the details on how you should p