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How to Fix The Most Common Internet and Network Issues When Your Family is 'Working From Home'

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Before the pandemic, having Internet and networking issues weren't always a big deal. If you had problems, you could always rely on your Internet service at the office or have the kids surf and stream on their mobile devices. Now with many of you working remotely and homeschooling, spotty or, no Internet is the equivalent of trying to ice skate uphill. The Internet now is the lifeblood that helps keep your family employed, educated, and entertained which is why it's important to ensure that your home network is always up and running. When you do encounter issues with your Internet and home network, there are some simple steps you can follow to get you connected again. I've listed these from very simple to fairly simple, so follow them in order. Of course if none of these work, you know who to call.

1. Reboot Your Devices. Whenever you have problems with computers, smartphones, tablets, printers, mesh networks, and routers, rebooting should be the first thing you do. When you reboot your devices, including your modem or router, it clears out any crossed signals