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How To Avoid Tech Scams This Summer Season

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

We are at the height of summer which involves many things such as backyard parties and vacations. As well as trips to the beach and soaking in your personal or neighborhood pool While most of you use this time of the year to relax a bit, scammers see summer as a prime season for trying to steal money from people who might have their guard down while shopping, day tripping or taking extended vacations. Are you trying to keep safe this summer? Check out some of the most common summer tech scams you need to watch out for.

1. Job Opportunity Scams. These scams will surface on social media offering high-paying jobs with little or no experience. Most of the ads for these jobs are vague and interviews are conducted via email and text message. The goal of the criminals is to separate the unsuspecting students from their money and personal and financial information. With many jobs being remote these days, you need to warn your teens to do their research to verify that the company they are interviewing with is legit.

2. Ticket Rip-Off Scams. Crooks will post available tickets for concerts, sports events, and festivals on