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How to Avoid Malware in Popular AI Photo Editing Apps

AI tech is very popular in the ChatGPT space and it's making its way into the art space as well with AI apps able to transform mundane pictures into stunning pieces of artwork. One of the most popular forms of this are social media portrait apps that can take a series of your online photos and create portraits that add makeup or cartoon filters on your face for more interesting selfies, or just to clean up some lower-quality pictures you took. Unfortunately, many of these apps are scaping your information and using it to sell that information on the dark web. You are also at risk of being tricked into clicking on the endless amounts of malicious pop ads, and risk of these apps spying on you as well, as links that will take you to malicious websites. Before you download the latest beauty AI apps, check out what these apps are doing in the background of your devices.

There are many AI apps on the market and all of them have the ability to transform your social media photos and create some out-of-this-world images that are art gallery worthy. Anything that becomes popular on the web gets the attention of cyber crooks which means that technology and apps that are created for entertainment purposes are transformed into tools crooks can use to steal your personal data.

BeautyPlus - Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera is a popular app with over 300 million installs, which was identified as spyware. Its developer, Meitu, was suspected of collecting user data in its Chinese servers and then